Lucky me.

Woken at seven am with cards, cuddles and a lavender bag. Happy mother’s day.



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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Doodlemum.


  2. Gave my mum your book for mother’s day, she loves it!!!!!! Happy Mothers Day!


  3. Happy Day to you Super Mom!


  4. What a great gift for Mother’s Day! (May 12th in the U.S.)


  5. And I assume Arnie brought you a lovely gift as well – a nice dead creature perhaps? Happy Mother’s Day a bit late.


  6. I got your book after outrageously huge, heavy hints to husband. Then given a cup of tea in bed and 40 blissful, childfree minutes to read it.


  7. Happy mother’s day :)….!


  8. Reblogged this on yasmineekd's Blog and commented:
    I love you man


  9. lovely lovely lovely!


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