Waiting for Narnia…

…in Millie’s wardrobe.
waiting for Narnia

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  1. aawww Arnie 🙂 Little Ming’s taken to sleeping in a box we left in the hallway for 5 minutes – it’s her new abode now. We daren’t move it.


  2. Sheila Delgado

    There is MAGIC….. I believe, I believe…… 🙂 So cute!


  3. Is Aslan his hero? So precious!


  4. Oh the nostalgia – Narnia!


  5. wow!talent!


  6. My sister and I had a magic cupboard when we were kids! ❤


  7. Ya me gustaría a mí poder entrar en el armario y asomarme por un momento a Narnia 😉


  8. Clever title. Amazon.fr tells me that your book is subject to further delay. I guess it’s number 1 in the bestseller list and they’re having to do a re-print. Not fair, I pre-ordered it in January!


  9. I think Arnie may be onto something the rest of us can’t see….


  10. Fabulous 🙂 That’s an impressively tidy wardrobe for Millie. Love the boxes on top of the wardrobe – they look like they are smiling 🙂


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