Cookie monster…

…caught in the act!
cookie monster

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  1. hahaha surprised that Arnie isn’t helping too


  2. Looks so familiar!! 🙂 my mom used to catch me n i catch my daughter


  3. I have one of those too. 😉


  4. Sheila Delgado

    Cutest cookie monster I have seen 🙂


  5. There is one of those lurking in my house too, he is under the impression we can’t hear the scrape of the kitchen stool on it’s way to the cupboard.


  6. I especially like the cute matching socks


  7. cookie monsters are usually males. You have an exceptional child here!


  8. This looks like a scene at my house…


  9. Not just one cookie but two! May be this is the deal struck with Arnie – one for him too and he won’t dob 🙂 Where’s Bonnie? She is missing an opportunity here!


  10. haha! I know that very feeling!


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