Hamish Mc Tat. (Who got lost and found all in one day).

Hamish Mc Tat, (real name).
Who snuck out of his house while the plumber left the back door open.
Who crossed the busy road.
Who went to see all the boys and girls going into nursery school.
Who sat on my back seat and said hello to our dog Bonnie.
Who very nearly went to our house for the afternoon while we made phone calls to find the owner.
Who finally got reunited with his happy owner.

Hamish Mc Tat

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  1. Love a story with a happy ending! Great name for a Scottie as well.


  2. nice one, my troops and I have found a couple of lost ones over the years but your telling is sweeter than ours. Respect. Terry


  3. aaawwwww bless. Bet Arnie had a fit!


  4. That’s a very perfect name for him!
    LOve the narration, btw. 🙂


  5. Love the name. I think I willl change Jock’s name to Jock McTatt – if you could see the way he dresses, you would agree on its suitability!


  6. Och aye tha’ noo wee Hamish McTat 🙂


  7. super story – so glad there was a happy ending xx


  8. Thank you, Doodlemum, for brightening up my day! I love switching on my computer to find another gorgeous illustration from you. The Hamish Mc Tat is almost a “Hairy Mc Clary” story! I hope you have as much joy in your day as you put into mine. Thank you so very much, Wendy Ely.


  9. Love the story! Have you considered writing and illustrating a childrens’ book? Seriously…


  10. dm: another superb post, and i’ve reposted…thx!!! RT


  11. lovely to find your work here – beautiful drawings


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