All children’s’ sleeves should come with sewn in hankies for the inevitable nose slide up the arm.

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  1. Oh dear….so your house has (as we call it in our house) ‘the dreaded lurgy’? I hope everyone is using tissues and feeling better soon ;)!! Excellent drawing as usual 🙂


    • Thank you, unfortunately the lurgy has not left since last October, it just jumps from one unfortunate victim to another. 😦


      • We’ve had that as well. We started out with a general virus, then lung infections. After that we were hit by novovirus and now we’re back to having lung infections again. I don’t think there’s enough Dettol in the world to get us back to health again! Hopefully when the warmer weather comes, it will kill off all these bugaboos and we’ll be back to health….oh sorry, my boyfriend has just informed me that warmer weather means the allergy season *eye roll*. Well I hope we all get better soon aye :)!


  2. What a great idea!
    And where do kids learn such a nasty little habit? My boys are too little to be around other kids much, and mommy and daddy don’t do such a thing so I’m beginning to think its an instinct they’re born with.
    Your drawing are beautiful, btw!


  3. Oh, you are SO right! My mother taught my son to keep a hanky tucked in his sleeve for that purpose!


  4. It’s like an automatic reaction for children. We all did it and now our kids are all doing it.


  5. Sympathise, we have had constant germs and lurgy in the house since November. Today is ‘vomit-fest 2013’! Poor Riley been up from 4am and on 5th washing load of bedding, pjs and cushion covers from settee


  6. Lurgy is just going round and round our house. LOL my little boy has started doing this and he is only 18 months old 🙂


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