Sometimes timing is everything.

I’m glad we were running late, we missed the uninsured, drunk driver that mounted the pavement and obliterated our front wall by minutes, the other driver, unfortunately, did not. (He is in hospital with three broken ribs).

Cutting equipment, lots of fire engines, police and people coming out to look at the smoking car hanging off a mountain of rubble in front of our house.
The what ifs don’t bear thinking about really.
I’m dishing out compulsory hugs today.


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  1. Sheila Delgado

    So glad you are all OK, and that the house survived damage! What a blessed day this is! If you check the yard, I am sure you will find a few fallen feathers…. the angels were working overtime… watching over you today 🙂

  2. Glad to hear the Doodle family is safe and sound.

  3. How awful! Glad to hear your family is safe, and I hope the drivers involved – even the one who caused it – will be all right too.

  4. So thankful that you and your family are safe!

  5. Sounds like your lucky day!
    Makes one realise how precious life is, and how fragile.

  6. so glad you are all safe.. how awful

  7. Thankful that you and yours are safe. That sort of thing happens too frequently here. Not to us personally but closer and closer each week.

    Be well.

  8. bridgette lawrence

    thank goodness youre all ok! i went all wobbly when i read this xx

  9. lots of hugs, lots of kisses, lots of thanks you’re ok!!!

  10. Wow!! Scary! Glad all is well with your family. Bonnie’s ok too?

  11. Thank god you are all ok thank god you were running Kate it just goes to show how life can change in an instant

  12. I am so glad that you are all OK! Terrible for the other poor driver and awful shock for you and your house…..

    My mum and dad pointed me to your delightful blog and I’ve been reading faithfully from Japan for a good few months now! Thank you for sharing your art and family with us!

  13. Everything for a reason my love… so glad you are all safe… and so sorry for the poor drivers. xxxxxxx

  14. Something similar a few years back. A bit late taking our dogs for a walk. Young fellow wrapped himself around a lamppost just in front of us. No one to share our good fortune with at the time and no one seemed as impressed as I did with our good fortune.
    I love your stuff.


  15. Im glad You are safe, and thank you to those Angels who watched over everyone. Hope the drivers are safe too. And a special mention for Terry from the previous post, I am glad to know about your good fortune, I Lost someone close in an accident recently and cant thank Lord and appreciate the ones who I see surviving or missing the close misshaps. God Bless you.

  16. My God. That is nothing short of a miracle! Thank goodness you are all OK. Those extra few seconds of putting on socks/ watching TV/ looking for the keys all meant something, huh?

  17. Life is Good….Angels are there …:)

  18. Phew! Glad you’re all safe. I suppose the front garden is a bit of a mess, as well as the drunken uninsured driver.

  19. Damn. Yea, the what ifs are ALWAYS scary.

    Take care, n be safe. As much as you can be, anyway.

      • Oh dear, what a terrible, terrible shock for you all. How are the children? I hope your hubby is giving you lots of extra hugs, I always find that after the initial relief of escaping something awful, the “what ifs” grow bigger. Please take extra special care of your extra special self, you are an amazing lady. I only discovered you very recently, thanks to “The Guardian”, and seeing your wonderful drawings each morning, puts a smile on my face for the entire day (until this one!) Wishing you all a peaceful, happy day.

      • Thank you Wendy, the only damage is to our house, we have been lucky unlike the drivers who were injured.
        My imagination is over-active at the best of times so yes the what ifs were plaguing me last night.
        I’ve been through enough to know that you simply have to focus on what you have and that sometimes situations are out of our control.

  20. Thank goodness you are all ok. Don’t want to even think about the what ifs. Someone up there is looking after you

  21. Oh my gosh, what a scary happening! Such a relief there weren’t more injured.

  22. Glad you are all ok. Compulsory hugging sounds like a vg plan!

  23. So sorry to hear this – but what an immeasurable blessing that you were all safe. I’ll be praying for the other injured driver to make a quick recovery, and here’s hoping that the knock-on effect through your family and community is positive – a generation of drivers and drivers-to-be who won’t drink and drive having seen the ugly truth of its consequences.

  24. Oh Angie, thank the stars for “Timing”, glad you are all safe.


  25. So glad you are all okay. I hate to think what would’ve happen had there been no wall.

  26. Oh my goodness!! I’ve only just seen this – I’m so glad that you’re all safe and sound!! Sending virtual hugs your way too. xxx

  27. Horrible thing to have happened. So glad you’re all safe.

  28. Oh my goodness—so glad you’re all ok.

  29. Thank God you and your dear family are safe!

  30. Reminds me of a close call at university. I was sitting at my desk in front of my ground-floor window watching the guys from the flat above kicking a football about when a knock at my door reminded me it was time to go out. When I got home a few hours later, I found the window boarded up and 6-inch shards of glass against the back wall of my room. Apparently, the football had gone through the window just a minute or so after I went round the corner. If I’d still been sitting at that desk…

  31. Oh my days, thinking of you all. Hugs. 🙂

  32. Must have been terrifying experience – just so relieved to hear that you are all ok.

  33. WOW! It seems so unreal….so glad you all have a guardian angel looking over you.

  34. Are you the family from Suffolk that has been in the news??

    • Dont worry about replying it is a massive (horrible) coincidence that this happened yesterday to my friend’s brothers house in Suffolk – Glad everybody in your and his households are ok and physically unscathed. massive hugs ((((())))) xx

    • No,but I have seen the images, awful. The car landed just outside our front window as our stone wall stopped it.

  35. Disgusting – drunk drivers make me furious! Freakily enough, two nights ago we heard an almighty crash and found two very drunken men had hit the gutter, bounced the tyres off their car and travelled quite some way on only their rims, ending up on the footpath just down the road from us!

    So glad you and yours are all okay.

    • Thanks Kim,I’m afraid there are idiots out there who think it’s their given right to drive no matter how much they’ve drank. What I think of them isn’t printable nor is what I’d like to do to them either at this point in time.

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