Easter Bonnets 2013.

The Easter bonnet making frenzy has scaled new heights this year.
Evie has gone fluffy chick crazy and Gruff being Gruff decided he wanted an Easter helmet.

easter helmets and bonnets2013

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  1. Looks like life is back to as normal as possible? Excellent!


  2. Oh very nice indeed! 😀 xxx


  3. Very creative. My book STILL not having arrived, I emailed Amazon a snotty email. Their reply was that all Amazons were separate entities, and although available on Amazon UK, Amazon France was unable to deliver yet. So I cancelled the order and re-ordered it from Amazon UK, to be sent to my daughter’s address. Probably a mistake, as I don’t know when I’ll see them again, by which time the book will have been closely scrutinised by the entire family. But I wasn’t going to go back into Limbo with Amazon.fr!


  4. Well the helmet is kind of egg-shaped….?


  5. Sooo cute :). Made me smile


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