Not sure if I’ll find frozen cavemen but a bag of frozen peas would be nice.

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  1. I was just doing this! I bent my spatula up pretty good.


  2. Ahhh… I see the gate to Narnia has shifted once more… to the doorway of your freezer. Best get the fur coats on… you’re gonna need ’em! 😀 xxx


  3. PS. Say hello to Aslan for me… 😀 x


  4. You’re so talented! I love it. Jealous.


  5. My freezer is like yours Angie – do you have numerous opened half bags of peas in your freezer too? Bonnie is clearly wondering why it’s snowing indoors 😉


  6. Those trips to Anarctica are always eventful.


  7. I think that would void the lifetime warrenty.


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