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Silly hour.

Silly hour is the hour after dinner, just before bedtime.
The hour when all decorum gets thrown out of the window and the volume button on each child rockets.
It never ends well and the warning uttered, “It’ll all end in tears” always falls on deaf ears.
silly hour

Hamish Mc Tat. (Who got lost and found all in one day).

Hamish Mc Tat, (real name).
Who snuck out of his house while the plumber left the back door open.
Who crossed the busy road.
Who went to see all the boys and girls going into nursery school.
Who sat on my back seat and said hello to our dog Bonnie.
Who very nearly went to our house for the afternoon while we made phone calls to find the owner.
Who finally got reunited with his happy owner.

Hamish Mc Tat

Pasta disaster.

This is not what it looks like, I’m actually having an impromptu game of kerPlunk with the opened packet of spaghetti before dinner…

Dog bowl dipping.

Ah Gruff you have surpassed yourself, I think this beats the great cat bowl fiasco of 2010.



Cat pillow.

not alone

Some questions are best left unanswered.


Cookie monster…

…caught in the act!
cookie monster

Waiting for Narnia…

…in Millie’s wardrobe.
waiting for Narnia

The hedgehog.

The hedgehog’s best defence is to curl up into a ball in the face of immediate danger from a predator or a mother brandishing a coat.

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