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Stating the obvious.

Done a bit of painting today in school have we Evie?

Vaccinations. (Arnie’s turn).

Sorry, don’t turn around because the dog is laughing at you…
Arni vets

A day in the life of a box.

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Rose tinted glasses.

A nice cheeky Rose to see in the weekend.

Protection racket.

Bonnie’s at the vet for her boosters, perhaps it was a mistake to bring her three bouncers with her.

Tucked up…

…for the night.
tucked in

Who’s that girl?

Evie we are rocking the Arabian princess/fairy look. Tres you.
whos that girl

Maths homework.

Powered by jaffa cakes and blackcurrant squash.
maths homework

Upside down.

The best way to think.

Naked eggs.

Well they would be if you’re three and you were expecting your mum to make you boiled eggs for breakfast.
How very rude!
nudey eggs

Book worms.

Sometimes a book is best shared.
Book worms


Going splat in the playground wasn’t one of Evie’s finest moments.
Lots of sympathy and hugs tonight.
evies nose

A nice cup of cat.

That special moment in the day when you finally sit down with a cup of cat. Tea will be available once the cat has removed his purring body from my face.
a nice cup of cat

Sword club.

The first rule of sword club is…
…we don’t chew swords in sword club, ok with that Bonnie?

sword club


Missing the noise a bit are we? Ah well chaos will resume at home time.


I think, therefore I wash…

…or Cogito ergo lavo.

Nope, still doesn’t make it any more interesting.


Still life.

Still life

One giant leap…

…for Evie into the swimming pool without a hand to hold is a big one indeed.


One sock Evie.

Evie’s latest enjoyable pastime is misplacing one sock somewhere around the house and spending the rest of the day with one bare foot waving defiantly at me.

Can you hear my teeth grinding from here?

The sock monster is having a whale of a time in our house at the moment, I may need to go under the sofa at some point and retrieve them off him. (Yes our sock monster is male).

one sock evie




Wet dog.


Run as fast as you can before the dog shakes herself!

river dog

Zip wire.

I screamed so much when I tried this my own children won’t let me back on now…

zip wire

Who started it…

…and who finished it?

That, indeed, is the question.


Eating out in a cafe.

Very hard to squeeze round a table these days and I’m doing my very best not to think about the bill.


Roly poly.

Enjoying some sun bathing in the garden are we Bonnie?
roly poly

Angel with a dirty face.

I can tell you exactly how the day has gone just by looking at the state of Gruff’s face.
I see we have been a connoisseur of jam today, makes a change from chocolate I suppose.

angel with a dirty face


Mars and Venus.

mars and venus

A baltic picnic.

Freezing cold sandy sandwiches. Fun though!



Gruff had his pre-school boosters today at the doctors. MMR and diptheria and tetanus.

He has two big plasters (in his arm), stickers, a certificate and lots of lovely immunity from nasty diseases.

Good job too as measles is rife in Swansea at the moment.




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