Monthly Archives: April 2013

Stating the obvious.

Done a bit of painting today in school have we Evie?

Vaccinations. (Arnie’s turn).

Sorry, don’t turn around because the dog is laughing at you…
Arni vets

A day in the life of a box.

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Rose tinted glasses.

A nice cheeky Rose to see in the weekend.

Protection racket.

Bonnie’s at the vet for her boosters, perhaps it was a mistake to bring her three bouncers with her.

Tucked up…

…for the night.
tucked in

Who’s that girl?

Evie we are rocking the Arabian princess/fairy look. Tres you.
whos that girl

Maths homework.

Powered by jaffa cakes and blackcurrant squash.
maths homework

Upside down.

The best way to think.

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