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  1. I guess it’s frosty where you are. Frost does that to my hair.


  2. Nice play on the meaning of the word with the drawing! xxx


  3. Static is quite shocking!!


  4. It;’s great when you can stick your kids to the ceiling.


  5. Static always reminds me of my grandpa, who used to walk into rooms with a balloon stuck to his head. It might be false memory, but I don’t recall ever seeing him without one! It took me years to figure out how. X


  6. I’m getting a lot of static recently – it seems to be worse when the weather’s very cold and dry.


  7. Yuck. Just another reason to hate winter and it’s dry air. Bring on the soupy summer humidity!


  8. Pets have static too– try petting a fluffy cat in the dark and sometimes you see static electricity sparks.


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    This is my everymorning!


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