One sock Evie.

Evie’s latest enjoyable pastime is misplacing one sock somewhere around the house and spending the rest of the day with one bare foot waving defiantly at me.

Can you hear my teeth grinding from here?

The sock monster is having a whale of a time in our house at the moment, I may need to go under the sofa at some point and retrieve them off him. (Yes our sock monster is male).

one sock evie




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  1. What is it about kids and socks?


  2. I have done this before – I am 48!


  3. Arnie looks quite shocked at the bare foot being waved in his direction!


  4. Evie, Evie, Evie – does she come home in the winter with just one mitten, too?


  5. I have a similar problem, I have a cat that steals our socks. Hides them in her bed and in her litter pan (yuck!) So our sock monster is adorable ;D


  6. I can so relate! My daughter goes to school with socks on and comes home with either one or both socks missing! I’m not sure where they are all going. It is costing us a fortune to buy socks!


  7. She must be nearly the teen years. Enjoy what you can while you can.


  8. Check Bonnie’s basket! We have two Labradors who lurrrrrrrve cheesy socks and steal them whenever they can 🙂


  9. Why not suggest to her that she starts a new fashion for wearing odd socks, the more outrageous the mis-match the better?


  10. We have a large and ever-growing pile of single socks….I now refer to them as ‘the lost boys’. 🙂


  11. Do you have any other pics with her one sock?

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