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A good book in the garden.

a good book in the garden

Yellow is the colour.

Dressed for the sun today Evie!
let the sunshine

Castle and chips.

After a hard day invading, every little knight needs fish and chips.
castle and chips<


Well I am now.


Is my leg really the best thing in the world to play with Gruff?


Let’s go fly…

… a kite. There we are then, that was exciting.

Vantage point.

between a rock

See you later.

Miss you already.
being ill


Spotted this skinny specimen behind our garage on my evening walk tonight. Oh dear…




A cwtch (pronounced cootch), is Welsh for hug or cuddle.
Go cwtch, it’s good for you.
day of hugs

Tug of War.

Take the strain…
tug of war


…one t-shirt. Any ideas?


Enjoying the Eurovision song contest with wine, cat and more wine.
It’s going to be a long night…

Lazy bones.

Have sun, will worship…

Day dreaming…

…of animals eating your lunch Gruff?
day dreaming

Big fish…

…and little fish.
Don’t worry Gruff, you’ll get a badge soon too. Keep trying.
big fish

Under cover.

my umbrella

Ear Pinning.

It’s not quite you Bonnie, it’s quite a high maintenance look.
You’d need a little girl following you around all day and that is just not fashion darling.
ear pinning

Rainbows and vampires.

Good luck with that one Gruff, I’ll be seeing you at two am again then?
Rainbows and vampires

Sitting on the shoulders of giants.

sitting on the shoulders of giants

The sound no parent ever wants to hear.


Please walk me.

please walk me

A fight with a hippo.

I think you won. Good morning Evie.
words fail me

What no bubble mixture?

Maybe if I wring out Gruff’s clothes we’ll have another refill…
no bubbles

A spot of digging.

Find any treasure in that enormous hole you’ve just dug Bonnie?

Seals and ice cream.

We’ve had fun at the zoo today, Millie talked to parrots, Evie has overdosed on fluffy animals and Gruff has discovered how to bang his chest like a gorilla, all the way home in the car.
Nice one Tarzan.
seals and ice cream

Last one into the water is a sissy…

…or very very sensible!

Ten years old.

Your turn to make a wish now, I got mine ten years ago. Happy birthday lovely.


Hello sunshine.

At last some sun!
I bear a rather lovely red burnt nose tonight as proof…
hello sunshine

Hired and fired.

As of this morning I was sacked from my job as mother.
I was promptly hired an hour later as he couldn’t get to the biscuits in the cupboard…
hired and fired

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