A fight with a hippo.

I think you won. Good morning Evie.
words fail me

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  2. Mèo Lười Việt

    Thức ăn của bọn biển lận là tiền bạc và SỰ KHINH NGƯỜI!!!!!! – Balzac


  3. This is hilarious, but poor Evie doesn’t look too happy, even if she did fight a hippo and win! Gruff’s a very brave boy, “brushing” his sister’s hair – she looks like she’s about to swing her toy cat (Arnie?) at him – the real Arnie should be on his guard! Good morning to Millie, I hope she’s enjoying being 10.


  4. Bad hair day – don’t you just love them no matter how old 🙂 Arnie is looking a little anxious!


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