Ear Pinning.

It’s not quite you Bonnie, it’s quite a high maintenance look.
You’d need a little girl following you around all day and that is just not fashion darling.
ear pinning

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  1. Hahaha! Love it!


  2. Doesn’t go with the half-black-lab-half-giraffe chic, I’m afraid.


  3. Actually, I think having a pretty little girl following one around all day, pinning back one’s ears, so as to appear even more appealing, is tres fashion, Dahling!


  4. Ha ha Bonnie doesn’t look too impressed. Takes me back to a time with our first dog, a Heinz 57 called Benson whose ears I pinned back with pegs! He wasn’t impressed and ran howling up and and down the hall way trying to remove them – I was mortified when I realised how much pain I had caused him. I don’t think he ever forgave me 😦


  5. What an adorable picture. Everything is *just right* from caption to color.


  6. DoodlemumFan

    I agree! Such a wonderful family pet!


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