Under cover.

my umbrella

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    How I feel today..


  2. Aww, poor Gruff, he does look very sweet, though! I love the bright turquoise and green umbrella- it makes the rain seem even greyer- can you believe that you got sunburnt only a few weeks ago?! Thank you for always brightening up my day.


  3. No problem! Let’s hope we actually have a summer this year eh?


  4. DoodlemumFan

    You might want to start building an ark.(just in case)


  5. Yip we’ve had torrential rain up in Newcastle today! I’ve a mountain of washing to get dried which makes me very unimpressed! Had the heating on too! Shorts last week now back in wellies! Think I was too optimistic in buying new sandels and nail varnish last week really


  6. Love the brolly – can Gruff do a rendition of ‘Singin’ in the rain’ Morecambe and Wise style??


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