Spotted this skinny specimen behind our garage on my evening walk tonight. Oh dear…

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  1. Auld Tod, eh. Probably looking for a crow to con out of a lump of cheese.


  2. Poor little thing – maybe looking after a lively family….?


  3. A new member of the doodle family?


  4. like how you drew him skinny… the ribs show.


  5. Hmm … make sure the hens are safe x


  6. oh dear indeed. Dilemma – potential predator of chooks and Arnie or potential little garden chum sharing the cat food or potential prey of Bonnie the wolf?


  7. Oh dear – not looking good. Hope she/he finds food soon 🙂


  8. Yikes! That looks really sad 😦 Also seems likely to hit the hens as it seems to be starving.


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