Castle and chips.

After a hard day invading, every little knight needs fish and chips.
castle and chips<

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  1. Aww, the whole Doodlefamily! πŸ™‚ You guys are all so cute.


  2. This is fabulous- there’s so much going on, with Dad staring intently at his, Millie doing that dainty ” one chip at a time” thingy, Evie doing the exact opposite, and Gruff and Bonnie pinching your chips! ( Dogs and boys are never full!) So many personalities, all so different, all so beautifully captured. Your work, although very different, reminds me of my 2 other favourite illustrators- Shirley Hughes and the wonderful Janet Ahlberg. You all perfectly encapsulate the minutiae of family life, so warmly and tenderly. Thank you for sharing your talent and your family.


  3. I have a little book about a castle which is not yet finished – lingering at the bottom of the to do pile. It could do with some pictures like this one!


  4. Sigh – nowhere in the United States can a person get proper fish and chips. I may need to return to Wales for a fix!! Thanks for the memory. What castle, by the way??


  5. Yes! I have been there several times!!! Even better memories!! Thanks ever so!


  6. Love this doodle especially wee Gruff pinching your chips whilst hanging on to his own with such territorial determination. Bonnie too is clearly drooling and loves nothing better than a chip with salt & vinegar. Nothing better πŸ™‚


  7. Your drawings are amazing so much character πŸ™‚


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