Splat, ouch, cry.


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  1. Oh dear, my biggest has only had one scraped knee owwy so far, it was traumatic!!

    Feel free not to allow this comment, but as a mammy to a mum, my kids nursery is under threat, and there’s a petition, it’d be great if you could sign and/or share it


    I appreciate you taking the time to read this xx


  2. I’ve just signed. x


  3. You’ve captured the face so beautifully – my four year old looked much like this today when he banged his ear on the door.


  4. Och the puir wee lamb! 😦


  5. Love this drawing! As always, you are wonderful!


  6. This was my 3yo the other day. She got her chin too. It left a lovely bruise. She managed to sell it like the war wounds that they are.


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