It is very nice being upside down Evie but eating won’t be pleasant I assure you…
handstand gymnastics

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  1. However, it would be a challenge! Evie seems like a young lady who enjoys a challenge.


  2. It certainly would be a challenge- and Arnie is ready at hand to catch any bits that fall out of her mouth, or maybe she’s practicing for being a Yogi?! Thank you, as always, for making my day start with a smile. Best wishes to all your lovely family- whether they’re the right way up or not!


  3. I recall some girls used to do hand-stands against the wall at my primary school. I never tried it, firstly because I disliked being upside down, and secondly because I didn’t want to show off my knickers.


  4. My daughter tried to do this the other day. Despite my warnings she insisted. Didn’t last long, funily enough


  5. Oh, if you’re a girl, you HAVE to do handstands, against sofas, walls, anything, no matter how uncomfy the landing might be! When my daughter was 9, she got the cartwheeling bug, so much so that when I made a pan of hot wax go up in flames whilst candle making, and sent her PRONTO to our neighbours, she cartwheeled, taking 3 times as long to get there!


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