…and wishing for windscreen wipers for my specs.

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  1. Ah yes – I know that need! Western Oregon is much like Wales, gorgeous scenery, whose price is rain!


  2. I always used to wish that growing up! It is so funny u expressing our thoughts exactly 🙂


  3. What a feeling! It’s the kind of rain that gets EVERYWHERE! But doesn’t a cup of tea taste SO good when you get home!


  4. Yup. British summertime


  5. ah yes. and the weather forcast says we are back to this tomorrow 😦


  6. Specks in the pocket! Or contacts for wet days – how I miss them some days. Nice cartoon – it captures the wet bedraggled look very well.


  7. Well at least doggy had fun!! ^.^


  8. I just came across your blog, and have to say I love your drawings and the concept of capturing everyday life this way. You’re very talented.


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