Award winning dog.

Our dog has clinched second most waggiest tail in her first ever dog show!


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  1. And well deserved too. Congratulations Bonnie!

  2. Congratulations, Bonnie. First next time, eh?

  3. THat’s the best award I’ve ever heard of!

  4. Now that is one happy dog!

  5. Adorable! This would make a lovely greetings card or poster………

  6. Congratulations to Bonnie, that’s fantastic, but she should have won first for proudest smile! Do your children have any Hairy Maclary books? The Show Business, Hairy Maclary ( a dog), wins first prize…for scruffiest..CAT!

  7. I love a dog with a waggy tail. Well done, Bonnie!

  8. 2nd??? The 1st one must be someone to see!

    Waggy waggy big congratulations to Bonnie. 🙂

  9. All that training paid off!

  10. Too bad they didn’t have a did-a-hole-in-the-yard class.

  11. I meant to say “Dig”

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