Where should I put the hedge trimmings?

hedge trimmings

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  1. Wonderful drawing!

    I actually get this now that I’m filming a documentary about sustainable farming. I never know what I’m going to see out in the chicken yard. When the farmer was pulling up the lettuce that had gone by, she had buckets and buckets of it and she put it in with the chickens, I found them playing king of the hill, like your drawing shows – one on top of the pile. Today it was table scraps and the chickens actually rushed over to be the first.


  2. In our family we have always resisted asking questions which begin with “Where should I put…”

    Inevitably the answer comes, “Stow it aft!” or more precisely “Stow it in the after hold!”


  3. The response in our family is much ruder, unless children are present, in which case it’s..”Stuff it up your jumper!”.
    As it is, you’ve made a lovely play castle/ hierarchy battle ground for your girls1


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