The good morning eye poke.

It’s just cruel!
eye poke

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  1. Better than the good morning punch I once received from my girlfriends younger brother, it gave me a black eye, and he was only five…. everyone laughed about it for days…… I still hate the little runt for that one action even though he is now eighteen and genuinely kind to me…. watch your back sunshine, I’ll have you one day :O)


  2. Ouch! I love your blog so much.


  3. Just found your blog and just love it!!


  4. You really made me laugh this morning.

    I miss my children being small, but there are some benefits to their growing up…two working eyes, for a start 🙂


  5. You could have a sliding scale of rude awakenings..this one would be the ” at least it wasn’t a poke in the eye with a….DINOSAUR!” Does DoodleDad get the same treatment, or is it reserved for you?


  6. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Brilliant!


  7. So true. I normally have the following questions ‘Gorky! (milk) and ‘What are we doing today?’ followed by the eye poke, when no response is forthcoming.


  8. At least they’re consistent.


  9. I love the repeated pokes followed by the question…”Are you sleeping?”


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