Monthly Archives: July 2013

I don’t want to play any more.

i dont want to p lay

Vultures are circling.

Better eat that ice-cream fast Gruff.

Good drying weather.

Good job too, got a few more loads to go.
good drying weather


A load of camping equipment, ugh.

Bring me mead.



…just for the weekend. Let’s hope the weather holds.


Drawing to a close.

At the end of every day, once the kids are in bed and I’ve drunk more tea than I care to admit, I wade my way through the toys, (still left on the floor) to our computer and I sit down and have a think of the things that have happened in the day.
I open my little moleskine sketchbook and I draw them.


I think Arnie is having a major moult. He seems to be making up for the lack of summer of previous years.

School’s out!

September is so very far away at the moment. Time can drag.
schools out

Teddy bears’ picnic.

Only one of you can make it.
a hard choice

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