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I don’t want to play any more.

i dont want to p lay

Vultures are circling.

Better eat that ice-cream fast Gruff.

Good drying weather.

Good job too, got a few more loads to go.
good drying weather


A load of camping equipment, ugh.

Bring me mead.



…just for the weekend. Let’s hope the weather holds.


Drawing to a close.

At the end of every day, once the kids are in bed and I’ve drunk more tea than I care to admit, I wade my way through the toys, (still left on the floor) to our computer and I sit down and have a think of the things that have happened in the day.
I open my little moleskine sketchbook and I draw them.


I think Arnie is having a major moult. He seems to be making up for the lack of summer of previous years.

School’s out!

September is so very far away at the moment. Time can drag.
schools out

Teddy bears’ picnic.

Only one of you can make it.
a hard choice

A warm sea.

Yes a warm sea to swim in!
Almost makes the racket they all made on the car journey down to the beach, the tantrums and the sulky strops worth it.
beach swims

My precious.

There is bubblegum flavoured ice cream, rejoice!
my precious

Keeping cool the feline way.

Just find yourself a nice pile of clean washing and snooze.
keeping cool

Come on in, the water’s lovely.

Lovely, cool, full of grass, bugs, drowning bees, and lolly sticks.
come on in

It ‘aint half hot mam.

Since Evie has been born, our summers have been a lot on the wet and windy side and less on the belting hot side.
Well it’s belting hot now.

Play nicely.

after school wrestling club

Poorly hens.

We have a few poorly hens at the moment. Lots of spoiling and corn for them.
sick chicken

Prickly heat.

Gruff’s covered in a lovely heat rash, which can only mean one thing, we must be actually having a summer this year.
prickly heat

When your blood runs cold…

..on a a very hot summer’s day, in a crowd of fifty thousand people watching the red arrows.

Where the hell is my son?

Feeling very greatful to the police, the special constables, the lovely people on the beach and coastguard for returning my happy adventurer to us.
I feel like I’ve aged ten years today.
blood runs cold

Stick ’em up.

A girl with a water pistol as big as that shouldn’t be trifled with.
stick em up punk

She’s just not that into you.

Not happening oh amorous staffie boy, my dog prefers frisbees.
shes just not that into you

Noon day sun.

It’s hot here in Swansea, really hot. Best take to the shade and dream up your plans for another day.
hot sun

The beach is in my lunchbag.

Evie’s had a school trip to the beach. I just hope she’s left enough of it behind for others to enjoy.
bach in my lunchbag

Toilet trouble.

The cat did it apparently…
when your child calls you

A good book in the garden.

alfresco reading



Sleeping on the edge…

…of the bed.
sleeping on theedge

The birds.

Our resident jackdaws have raised a lovely brood of chicks this year. The dawn chorus has never sounded so loud.
Things are getting decidedly Hitchcock around here…
The birds

Hometime hug club.

I don’t get one because “I wasn’t there.”
hometime hugs

Buzzy bee sos.

Can’t leave a floundering bumble bee, it’s the first one I’ve seen this year!
One teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoons of water mixed up and poured on some kitchen paper.
Oh and it’s fluffy.
bee sos

Where’s Gruff?

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