Buzzy bee sos.

Can’t leave a floundering bumble bee, it’s the first one I’ve seen this year!
One teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoons of water mixed up and poured on some kitchen paper.
Oh and it’s fluffy.
bee sos

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  1. I just love their little fluffy bodies and hate to see them struggling – just want to pick them up and give them a comforting hug!


  2. In our family the bee had to drink out of a tea spoon….. your idea seems a lot better.


  3. elijahisflying

    I like bees. They’re incredibly cute.
    But I can go near them or I might die. 😦 I wish I wasn’t allergic to them!


  4. I never knew that, I always assumed a bee on the floor was dying because it has stung someone. I love bumblebees


  5. How did you get Arnie to leave it alone!?


  6. Ah, so that’s how you revive a floundering bumble bee! Well done you, both on helping it and a beautiful drawing.


  7. And Arnie’s VERY interested lol


  8. Lovely bumble bee – well saved!


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