A good book in the garden.

alfresco reading

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  1. I just came in from doing exactly this in my front garden! 🙂


  2. Beautiful! I would love to be doing that very thing right now. For now I’ll have to live vicariously through your drawing! 🙂


  3. Looks like heaven!


  4. Mmm. . . looks like you’re reading the back of your eyelids. Now THAT’s what relaxing in the garden is all about.


  5. Wish I were doing that myself!


  6. Nothing nicer! Is this Evie or the ever elusive Millie? Good morning to you all, and here’s wishing you another sunny day, as you always brighten mine, whatever the weather.


  7. i love to spend time in such way:)


  8. DoodlemumFan

    Must be DoodleMum, she looks like she just fell asleep.


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