Toilet trouble.

The cat did it apparently…
when your child calls you

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  1. This happened to my daughter and it really freaked her out. I had to hold her hand on the toilet for weeks!


  2. Of course – it’s always the cat, isn’t it? 😉


  3. We had an incident very similar to this today…hmmm…that cat gets around!


  4. You never know…..


  5. Oh, dear. Poor kid! The cat does have a certain guilty look about him …


  6. This is bound to happen sometime soon at my place….


  7. I return to your blog almost daily, sometimes we need something beautifull and tender to make us smile and believe in the happy things of life. Thank you so much for your wonderful draws, they remind me my kids when they were the same age. I always smile and feel warm inside. 🙂
    maria, lisboa, portugal


  8. What? The cat removed the toilet seat? Bloody clever cat, if you ask me.


  9. HA! Seen this a time or two!


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