Poorly hens.

We have a few poorly hens at the moment. Lots of spoiling and corn for them.
sick chicken

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  1. Poor little ladies. Is it the heat? Hope they recover soon!!


  2. You captured the solemnness of the two kids? amazingly well. Great post!


  3. If they’r;e just a little under the weather you might try a little fish, blood and bone mixed with a tiny amoutn of olive oil into their corn – also a drop of cider vinegar in their water can help x


  4. Must be the heat.


  5. Is Arnie stressing them?


    • No, he’s scared of them. He used to run at them when we first got them but one of the bigger girls turned round and pecked him and that was that!
      Unfortunately one of the hens has a badly sprained foot from in house bullying and she is very lame. 😦


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