My precious.

There is bubblegum flavoured ice cream, rejoice!
my precious

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  1. I just love your blog. I look forward to your new drawings everyday.


  2. I want to know why it is blue, I can’t ever recall chewing blue bubblegum. And yes it is Yuk, unless you are under 15 yrs old.


  3. Oh my Riley will want some! He loves the bubblegum flavoured lollies, the delightful blue ones that stain his full mouth, lips, tongue, face, t shirt etc etc blue that requires practical sand blasting in the bath to remove!


  4. OOO and it’s BLUE! Very nice… 😀 xxx


  5. Brings back memories of superman ice cream in the USA 25 years ago,I’ll leave you to guess the colours!!! Our boys found it fascinating.


  6. Better them than me! Of course I don’t think it’s meant to appeal to grown-ups, is it?


  7. And also their expressions are priceless – you draw faces so well!


  8. I’m old enough to remember beer lollies.


  9. ….and cider lollies…..


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