I think Arnie is having a major moult. He seems to be making up for the lack of summer of previous years.

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  1. My dog is doing the same…! Love your drawings!


  2. Oh my word yes! I have a black Labrador and there is fluff Everywhere!


  3. Is Arnie missing a bit of his tail or does he just have a short tail? I can feel the cat hair from here! Great detail!!


  4. Mine does this when he gets his shots from the vet…every time!


  5. Haha…our sofa looks like it was made of dog hair.


  6. Ah, I love kitties, but I do *not* love drifts and piles of kitty hair. This is why I have Schnauzers — they don’t shed. They also have cute little stump tails like Arnie’s. 🙂


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