Drawing to a close.

At the end of every day, once the kids are in bed and I’ve drunk more tea than I care to admit, I wade my way through the toys, (still left on the floor) to our computer and I sit down and have a think of the things that have happened in the day.
I open my little moleskine sketchbook and I draw them.

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  1. And I’m so glad that you do. Your drawings make me smile every single day. They pop into my inbox at around 11pm, reminding me that I really should already be in bed 🙂


  2. And, no doubt, Arnie contributes to the thinking. You have splendid ideas each day!


  3. …and a lot of us are so pleased that you do!


  4. Do you have trouble coming up with an idea some days, or do you have trouble choosing one from among too many ideas on most days? Daily blogging is a challenge …


  5. The lot of the artist 🙂


  6. Angie looks a little tired. Take a wee break.


  7. You do look weary. I hope you do them because you want to and not because there is any sense of obligation. You have given us a lot of joy


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