Bring me mead.


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  1. MMMMMM…MEEEADDD!!! Lovely.. 😀 xxx


  2. You doing some kind of Sveyn’s Ey pageant?


  3. You all look fabulous in your outfits, but beware the potent mead. Last time I had a glass of it, it mysteriously made me take my bra off, through the sleeves of my dress, and wave it around my head, in front of a room full of people that I barely( ha ha) knew! It might be made of oney, but it’s not as innocent as you’d think – I keep my honey intake to toast, these days, much safer!


  4. I’ve dressed my kids up and dragged them to US Civil War reenactments and you captured their looks of bewilderment perfectly. haha


  5. You certainly wouldn’t be out of place at the medieval festival in Chateaudun beginning July


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