How can you persuade a dripping, golden yeti off your picnic blanket?
You can’t, he is in love with your dog and no amount of sandy food will come between them.
Towel anyone?
golden yeti

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  1. Bonnie quite the heart breaker, isn’t she, the little vixen!! The look on her face seems to say, “Touch my toy ball and you die!”


  2. Now that’s more like it – a tall, handsome (albeit drippy and shaggy) stranger, much more suitable than that Staffie from a week or two ago! Mind you, I have never, ever seen dogs ignore a picnic, however amourously inclined they might be!


  3. You can once the golden yeti has shaken the drips all over you. Just throw the ball.


  4. This cartoon made me chuckle! How cute!


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