Long car journeys…

…should never be attempted without a bottle of bleach and a bucket!


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  1. Eww! The end of a sketchbook?


  2. Had to share this on Twitter! Hilarious! (well, from this distance!)


  3. I love their faces: “eww little brothers are gross! Why am I belted in?”


  4. Jings, is there anything worse than a kid ‘singing a rainbow’ in a car!!!


  5. Oh, you poor thing!


  6. Our eldest tends to get travel sick. We now have plastic hole less bags and I’m small enough to jump in the back 😕


  7. Is’nt that true!


  8. Poor Gruff. I’ve been travel sick all my life, but find that sitting in the front helps, as does sucking peppermints or ginger, and wearing those”Seaband” wrist bands(from chemists). Friends with “little sickies” have used some sort of anti-static device, attached to the car, with good results (ie, no “sicking a rainbow!”) Good luck for next time.


  9. This happened to a co-worker and I told her she needed to take the seat out and power wash it.


  10. Agreed. We give the two year old Ondansetron (Zofran) before any car ride that’s going to be longer than 30 minutes. It’s just better that way.


  11. story of my family’s every car trip! my eldest daughter, Maddie, has been a car ride vommiter her whole life! anytime we forget to bring a change of clothes for her, we can’t help but laugh because we know we should have know better lol


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