Beast of burden.

Not you Arnie, my washing basket.
I’ve closed the bathroom door so it can’t get out and I can’t see it either.
beast of burden

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  1. It’s alive, I swear it is!


  2. this is where beauty has no place in the beast, only beauty in your piece.


  3. Lock the door and throw away the key!


  4. Haha, what a brilliant idea! The only trouble is, deep down, you know it’s going to grow! My sister used to chuck her dirty washing into a sort of “compost heap” in the corner of her bedroom, and, as she had an aversion to washing it, everynow and then would pull something out of the foetid pile, and wear it again! ( unless she could steal my clean togs instead).


  5. I got one like that 😦


  6. Keep it locked away. Mine is in the living room right now and I can feel it glowering at me.


  7. It’s always there isn’t it….


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