The great chicken robbery.

Well actually not that great at all and my story mentions the words poo and bum but hey, welcome to my world.

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  1. hahahaha! Love it!


  2. Thanks for the laugh….oohhhh so many times I’ve felt like that bringing in the shopping. Once I left $20 of meat in the car overnight. Sigh. It was in a black recyclable bag, all my others were red so my eyes weren’t caught by it (black background). With all that stuff going on, no wonder things get lost! (PS I have a dachshund…only reason she’s never stolen the chicken is because she can’t reach!).


  3. Well, at least Bonnie’s happy!


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  5. Jings! Is it no’ dangerous for a dog to eat chicken? Cats can, but surely dogs choke on the bones?

    Elementary, my dear Doodle. It was not in fact the dog who purloined the fowl, but the cat who, having stolen and eaten the bird, persuaded the dog to stand guard over the evidence. The bone in the dog’s mouth, rather than being proof of her guilt, was an indication of her willingness to present the evidence to her owner.

    Amazing, Holmes!


    • Ah but having pilfered the said fowl, my sneaky canine isn’t in the habit of sharing with anything of the feline variety. Elementary my dear Watson……
      Oh and raw bones are ok, cooked bones are a no no as they’re more brittle and are therefore more likely to tear intestines.


  6. Ha ha, classic! We don’t have a dog but absolutely everything else happens on a daily basis and that is crazy enough without the chicken robbery!


  7. I have to agree– the cat did it.


  8. Oh you poor thing. Hope you got to relax later.


  9. You can’t turn your back for one second can you! Great drawings 🙂


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