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Big little brother.

Millie’s been unwell the last few days, good job she has Gruff to look after her. He’s done a lovely job too.


Tidy your room!

Anyone would have thought I’d sentenced them to prison!


Hedge surfing.

Yes our cat thought it would be a good idea to walk on top of our privet hedge.

arnie hedge walker

Two heads…

…are better than one…
Two heads

Where’s my car?

Now let’s have a little think….oh yes it’s still at the school gates where you left it yesterday (when you decided to walk home as you’d forgotten that you’d brought the car), it is not stolen, only your blooming memory is…

where's my car



Welcome to Gendros.

welcome to Gendros

That pirate song.

He’s sung it all day.

Good stick hunting.


Sword boy strikes again.

Don’t think I can’t see you leaping off my sofa!
sword fun

Millie’s sanctuary.

I do like to venture in occasionally just so I can clear a path to her door.
millies room


From the makers of that classic, Window Lickers, we bring you “Footprints from the garden of mud”…


I think therefore

Leave it.

I’ve been teaching Bonnie the command “leave it” with great success. She can now balance her toy stick on the end of her nose.
She even goes a bit crossed eyed…


…is over.
monday is

Ad infinitum.

Oh look more washing. What fun.
ad infinitum


This new hen was meant to be a female, but it decided to start crowing, (instead of laying eggs) while we were on holiday.
The kids have named him He-Man.
He is huge and very, very hen-pecked by his ladies.
he man

Adventure time…

…for Millie with her school friends. Armed with the knowledge to tie her shoelaces, play Minecraft and live off jaffa cakes, she’s not sure she needs anything else, she’s got all the skills right there.
adventure time

Superman caught napping.

According to eyewitnesses this afternoon at approximately 1700 hours, the legendary superhero was observed crawling up onto the sofa, blowing his nose and falling asleep for approximately one hour.
Luckily for him no major crimes were committed by his arch enemies…
superman caught napping

The three am bugle call.

Ah do I hear the dulcet tones of a vomiting child in the early hours of the morning?
3am bugle call

Is it still summer then?

Evie is ever defiant.
is it still summer

I’ve missed you…now throw my ball.

ive missed you


We’ve all had hair cuts, some more than others…
autumn haircuts

A thorny issue.

Blackberry crumble or pie and with ice cream or custard?

Upstairs, downstairs.

Bonnie is not allowed upstairs, but that doesn’t stop her from waiting for us to come back down again…
upstairs downstairs

Still life.

still life

I really, really, really, really, really, really don’t need a wee.


The day before tomorrow.

Getting the lunches ready for our return to school tomorrow. Uniforms are hanging ominously ironed and neat upstairs.
I’m already wearing mine…jeans, t-shirt, trainers and a wearied smile.
packing lunch

Shoe shopping.

For school shoes. Bring on the scowls.
shoe shop blues

Hello my old friend.

Glad to see Arnie, our cat, not so glad to bring back sackfuls of washing.
did you miss me

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