Hello my old friend.

Glad to see Arnie, our cat, not so glad to bring back sackfuls of washing.
did you miss me

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  1. Always the worst part of returning home after a getaway … all the washing, shopping & getting back into the swing of a normal routine. Hope it goes smoothly.


  2. Holidays over, eh? What a shame, ut welcome home. I bet Arnie’s delighted to see all that washing- he’ll have missed snoozing on a big pile of clean, fresh t shirts and socks!


  3. Oh crumbs…the cloth mountains are coming again, aren’t they…!? Brace yourselves!


  4. Need a holiday to get over the holiday 🙂


  5. Welcome home! I’m tackling a mountain of washing too. I sympathise!


  6. Usually with cats it’s “guess where I threw up a hairball while you were gone.”


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