Superman caught napping.

According to eyewitnesses this afternoon at approximately 1700 hours, the legendary superhero was observed crawling up onto the sofa, blowing his nose and falling asleep for approximately one hour.
Luckily for him no major crimes were committed by his arch enemies…
superman caught napping


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  1. Is Gruff, er Superman, the source of the bugle call in the wee hours? Hope he is better soon!!

  2. Did he succumb to kryptonite? 😉

  3. I love your work! it’s very inspiring and genuine.

  4. Isn’t he a super superman – even heroes sleep sometimes.

  5. “Luckily for him no major crimes were committed by his arch enemies”

    Ya think?

    Mr Mxyzptlk

  6. lovely, brought back memories of my own little Spiderman… he is 34 now.

  7. Wonderful study of a sleeping superhero!

  8. Now this is the cute. Reminds me of my Daughter in her favorite giraffe pajamas.

  9. Totally adorable!

  10. So sweet! Will he still go to bed at bedtime though? I panic if I see sleepy eyes at 5pm when so close to bed time 😱

  11. Very nice…a well deserved rest after saving the world.

  12. Gorgeous picture. I just bought a copy of your very beautiful book, thinking it would make a lovely gift for one of my mummy friends for Christmas but I can’t stop picking it up and dipping in to its gorgeous pictures! So I think it might find its way into Father Christmas’s stocking if he is kind enough to leave me one this year…

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