Adventure time…

…for Millie with her school friends. Armed with the knowledge to tie her shoelaces, play Minecraft and live off jaffa cakes, she’s not sure she needs anything else, she’s got all the skills right there.
adventure time

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  1. Ooh Jaffa cakes. Must head to my local World Market and see if they have any…


  2. mmm Jaffa cakes (drool) just added to the shopping list.


  3. Was Millie off to a sleepover or a camping trip? I hope she had fun. Remember, five Jaffa cakes equals one orange, ie, “one of her five a day” ( At least that was my daughter’s argument!)


  4. Mmmm – jaffa cakes. Remember the advert – full moon, half moon, total eclipse ?? Still play this with my sons even though they are now 25 & 19 years old 🙂


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