This new hen was meant to be a female, but it decided to start crowing, (instead of laying eggs) while we were on holiday.
The kids have named him He-Man.
He is huge and very, very hen-pecked by his ladies.
he man

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  1. Sexing day old chicks is an inexact science! We bought 10 supposed female week-old chicks once and 5 of them grew up to be cockerels. My small son asked me “Muuum, why have all the hens got muddy backs?” As they crowed night and day in chorus and drove the entire village mad, they had to go – into the freezer, for long enough for us to forget who they were before eating them.


  2. He’s a handsome boy – hope his ladies appreciate him 🙂


  3. Hen-pecked by is ladies? Good, that’s exactly as it should be! i don’t suppose they’ll stop him crowing, though…..


  4. Fab – I love the slightly bemused look on the smaller hen’s face! Reminds me of the giant hen in George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. I wrote this post about GMM at janetpamelanoble.com for Roald Dahl Day on Friday. Your illustrations remind me a little of Quentin Blake’s – who illustrated all Dahl’s books. Are you a fan of The Fantastic Mr Dahl/Blake?


  5. Hello, I do not know anything about hens but I do know you are VERY talented!! I love your pictures x


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