Leave it.

I’ve been teaching Bonnie the command “leave it” with great success. She can now balance her toy stick on the end of her nose.
She even goes a bit crossed eyed…

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  1. My cats think this is very funny 🙂


  2. How did you get Bonnie to balance things on her nose? I would love to teach our dogs that!


  3. What a clever dog! Are you hoping to train her up to balance a little tray with full glasses of wine? (You’ll need to do quite a bit of advanced work with her, if you want a morning cup of tea in bed!)


  4. I tried to teach it to my dog with a piece of bred…nothing to do. He can’t learn it….or maybe the bread is to attractive to him 😉 I’ll follow your suggestion and try with something not smelling so tasty 😀


  5. I taught my coonhound to “leave it” with a treat on her paw while she’s “down”. . . It takes every ounce of her concentration, but she does it!


  6. This probably works with small children too.


  7. Wow on her nose?! How? My dog can only paw, high five, drop and here,no and stay oh and sit. How does she balance on her nose?


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