I think therefore

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  1. Absolutely spot on – every cat owner will be sighing with you- thank you for daily smiles


  2. Those mops are a good way of spreading the dirt across the floor!


  3. A lovely picture of a horrid activity. The trouble is with mopping and all those massive piles of dirty washing, the satisfaction of getting them clean lasts such a short time, before they need doing again! Time for a cup o’ grog, Shipmate! ( Arrrr, it be “Talk like a Pirate” Day.
    Get them landlubbers on slop duty!)


  4. Mopping is never complete without some cat approval pawprints.


  5. Well, mopping makes a refreshing change from doing the laundry, then, right? 😉 A mother’s work is never done …


  6. O dea domestica, cave felem!


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