Where’s my car?

Now let’s have a little think….oh yes it’s still at the school gates where you left it yesterday (when you decided to walk home as you’d forgotten that you’d brought the car), it is not stolen, only your blooming memory is…

where's my car

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  1. So comforting to know I’m not alone in this!!


  2. Nor me. I left the dog tied up outside a shop once and walked most of the way home before I realised. We used to have a red Kangoo, which stood higher than most and so was easily findable in a big car park. We recently changed to an anonymous grey Picasso, and have to find a way of distinguishing it from the thousands of other ones – maybe a pink ribbon on the aerial? I can’t even remember the number.


  3. Lol! Reminds me of Bertie and his family in the 44 Scotland Street series by Alexander McCall Smith!


  4. Oh lord! This made me laugh out loud! Hope you had enough time to get to school.


  5. So none of your kids remembered, either? You have three children, animals, mountains of washing, shopping and other things to do- what’s their excuse?!


  6. I left work one day and walked round the carpark desperately searching for my car, the security man even helped 45 mins later i suddenly remembered i’d come on the bus that day!


  7. Oops! I once found my car at the pound after forgetting where I’d left it (dashing for a train) and leaving it on a yellow line which was fine when I left it but a parking offence the next morning. The car was two weeks old and I thought it had been stolen so I was overjoyed that instead of having to replace it I ‘only’ had to pay £500… Apparently I was the only person they’d had within memory who’d been delighted to find their car impounded!


  8. I have an old station wagon with a ski rack on the top– easy to see in a large parking lot.


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