Tidy your room!

Anyone would have thought I’d sentenced them to prison!



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  1. Ha ha! I know these expressions well…

  2. “Tidy your room!” — I like it. Straight and to the point.
    They will get over it – and be the better for it! Take my word! I have raise whole passel of kids – ALL successfully up and outta the house and on their own now giving the same order! 🙂

  3. I gather you’ve reached the point where you can’t get the hoover in through the door! I once threw everything from the floor and under the bed out of the window onto the drive two high storeys down.My 13 year old son was not amused but the neighbours were!

  4. OH,the memories!! The tantrums too,whenever I asked my sons to clear their rooms.
    Thankyou so much for bringing a smile to my face everyday,keep up the good work;

  5. Do it ( sentence them to prison). Lock ’em in there, half an hour before tea, and tell the little blighters that they can only be let out and fed, when it’s tidied ( obviously, if your house is hit by a tornado or other disaster, you’ll let them out sooner…if you can find the key!)

  6. I love their look of dumb insolence.

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