Big little brother.

Millie’s been unwell the last few days, good job she has Gruff to look after her. He’s done a lovely job too.



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  1. Oh bless him. She looks very snuggly. I hope she feels better soon xxx

  2. I love this! Do you sell these drawings ever? They’re beautiful in that they exactly capture so many precious, simple moments that we take for granted!

  3. With Gruff and Arnie she is well looked after!!

  4. Oh poor Millie, I hope she gets better very soon. Well done Gruff! (But please cover up her poor little toes, preferably with some bright stripey socks!)

  5. Bless him! And I do hope Millie feels better soon!

  6. Often our children do something unexpected. And they’re so sweet…
    Hope Mille will get well soon

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