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Happy Halloween!

halloween 2013

Milk maid.

Good morning Swansea, now where’s my cup of tea?

Parrot fashion.

parrot fashion

Little kid, little kid, let me in…

…not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!
little kid


Hold onto those ears Bonnie…


Meat eating dinosaurs need hugs too.

From Evie of course! (we won’t mention that it’s a life size puppet of course that Evie’s watching at a theatre show).

meat eating dinosaurs

School disco time.

Vivianne Westwood, Ertha Kitt and John Travolta all dolled up and ready to boogie.

school disco

Cat versus dinosaur army.

cat vs dino

This is your wake up call.

Whiskers and all Millie!

good morning cat

Skinny bones.

Evie is built like a sparrow, it doesn’t help to not have much padding when it comes to flu vaccinations.


Happy monday.

the school splodge

Table manners.

We’ve been trying to use our knives and forks today to varying degrees of success…
dinner habits

The ironing pile…

…has magically gone! Thank you Arnie.
ironing pile

School photo.

school photo

Head on the ground.

head on the ground

A shoulder to cry on.

I’ve got two very emotional children today.
shoulder to cry on



A fluffy interlude.

It’s been too long but Evie has relapsed on a gargantuan scale for her latest birthday fluffy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My dinner is horrible so I won’t eat it.

my dinner is evil

The writing’s on the wall.


Best party, ever.

best party

If I knew you were coming…

…I’d have baked a birthday cake!
baked a cake

Story time.

story time




I think we need one for Bonnie too, Arnie’s not happy sharing with her.

What lies beneath.

what lies beneath

Woman versus wasp.

This is going to get ugly.
woman vs wasp

The Friday after-school ballroom club.

Care to dance?
fri afternoon ballroom club

It’s like Daddy, but with glasses.

Finally Myles has bitten the bullet and bought a pair of glasses, only problem is, he can now see me…
daddy's glasses

The bottom step…

…and the feeling you get when you miss it.
the bottom step

Hide and sniff.

You hide and I’ll sniff.

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