Woman versus wasp.

This is going to get ugly.
woman vs wasp

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  1. Pop down to your local poundshop and invest a whole quid on a battery powered tennis racquet. Mine has been a blessing in the woman versus flying bugs war. The only one I struggled with was a muckle big bluebottle that got in the bathroom. Three times I tasered it and it recovered each time before I got the wad of loo roll to pick it up to be flushed away. The scores were three – one but the bat and I won the final round!


  2. I think Arnie wants too eat it 🙂


  3. Ha ha! Love the “fly swat”!


  4. Who won? Woman or wasp?


  5. Go Angie, go! ( Mind you, since I found out that wasps fertilise figs, I’ve been more tender hearted towards them, in theory, at least!) I’m very intrigued by the battery operate tennis racquet, although I’m a rotten player…..


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