My dinner is horrible so I won’t eat it.

my dinner is evil

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  1. oh well, that somehow looks like me.. good job!


  2. Ha ha…. BTW – I love your blog. I like your drawing style- really great. I love the way you draw hair- it’s so er,,,, hairlike! Daniel


  3. Had a good giggle when I saw this.. my first four kids were such a breeze and ate anything I put on their plates and still do… but then came this baby of mine and fussy is not the word for it.. 🙂 I still have the: we have to at least take a bite, rule and it seems to be better now.. but my little carnivore only wants to eat meat.. thanks for the share.. 🙂


  4. It’s like your here in our house. Isabel’s food phases are very trying!


  5. This is dinnertime at ours every night. You’d think I was trying to poison them the way they go on! Dawnx


  6. The way Gruff eats chips, he’s not going to starve if you try my friend’s drastic ( but effective) method- her child refused to eat his tea, so she threw it in the bin, and he had nothing else to eat until breakfast the next day! He eats all his meals now….


  7. Glad this doesn’t only happen in my house! Love your blog.


  8. This takes me back! I remember four year old Spud, on being given potato hash, asking indignantly, ‘Why have you given me MUD?’


  9. “I don’t like it. What is it?” – before the first mouthful.


  10. This happens a lot at our house as well, although I fear it is probably due to my actual cooking rather than what is on the plate. Just discovered your blog and love the pictures can completely relate to so many of them.


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